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This website features songwriter Patrick Ames. His music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other music outlets. The newest studio recording is Four Faces - March 2017.  

Patrick transcends generations as a songwriter and performs with his percussive style of guitar work. He plays in the San Francisco Bay Area, typically solo at smaller venues where he can interact with the audience. 

To the trade: The music of Patrick Ames is published solely by the composer. Contact Patrick for permissions requests. See email box on this page.  Access the EPK for Four Faces at SonicBids:

Now Available: Four Faces

From the gospel-driven political rocker "Reawakened" to the accoustic "This Small Town," this 4-track EP is full of surprises. Ames plays a MIDI guitar synthesizer and his two backup singers come full-throated and in rare form for this 2017 Indie wake up call.

“This Small Town” is ready for the radio in my opinion." - JoeJoe Keys, Indie Music Plus

"Patrick Ames is in a lane all his own. Adapting and using the MIDI guitar synth allows Ames to add a very unique style and flair as he plays non-guitar instruments with his sweet sounding Gibson Hummingbird. With a strong crew of background vocalists thrown into the mix, Four Faces is a refreshing, unique and must-add album to your indie music collection." - Joshua Smotherman, Mid-Tennessee Music

"Ames manages to carefully thread rock, gospel, and R&B together to take his listeners on a complete, albeit condensed, journey. As always, Ames is putting it all out there. As singer, songwriter, producer, and general musical jack of all trades, you are getting 100% of him with every track he puts out. It is a commitment to music that is rare in what has become an industry inundated with prepackaged performers rather than artists who are devoted to their work. With a sound and a style that transcends generations and an unmatched authenticity, Ames continues to be a refreshing addition to the indie scene." -, March 2017

"The vibe is lovely, reflective, comforting, and the music has, as always, this sense of live performance – of now, of being right here in the moment with you, and of being unappologetically real and honest. A unique and entertaining release, well worth a listen." Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman




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Standard Candles

Standard Candles features an all new band, horn arrangements, and backup singers in a fabulous digital recording session. Listen in as the veteran singer-songwriter writes and produces his most entertaining set of new standards to date.

"You can compare Ames’ music to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty or whoever, but I hear him as a unique indie artist that is being overlooked by the masses. He’s doing all the right things, NOW! He’s writing, releasing new music and gigging to support that music, including promoting it online. You can be assured that he is going to keep releasing new music so keep your eyes and ears peeled.  He is truly defining his own grassroots, alt folk rock genre focused on great songs driven by feeling and acting on the emotions in his music."  -  JoeJoe Keys, Indie Music Plus 

"Laid back and funky. His best work yet." -Indie Music Prime

"Builds off of the work of Dire Straits, Tom Petty and The Eagles; the inclusion of female vocals provides additional depth to an already engrossing effort." - Neufutur

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Standard Candles:  $6.99  

Listen in as Ames is in prime form, with a hip eclectic band!  And introducing Chana Matthews, and daughter, Mikaela Matthews, as vocalists and backup singers. Don't Fight the Fit. 



"The Free Will in Patrick Ames"

The Free Will in Patrick Ames is a unique confluence of musical styles, politics, digital culture, and storytelling. Ames' music is a blend of old and new musical patterns, somehow vintage, somehow contemporary, playful yet ever so socially serious. It’s a sound and musical style that sets him apart from the contemporary scene. It's his fourth album in four years.

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"Mutually" - 2015